Random Access Vinyl: None

King CrimsonHello everyone, it’s Friday night and usually that means another addition of Random Access Vinyl, where I randomly pick a record out of  my collection and do a deeper review of that album. Unfortunately, earlier this week my stylus(or needle) broke so I had to order another one to replace it. I was hoping that it would be here by tonight so I could do this, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to get here until sometime next week. Obviously this means I can’t listen to records which also means I can’t review them.

Now, I know I could just as easily pick out an album and then listen to it either on Cd or on Youtube and then write a review but I thought that would take away from the whole experience of this which is VINYL.

However, on a much higher note, this week is my community garage sale and my wife was looking in the paper the other day and found a house in our area that supposedly has some 8,000 records, now I don’t know if this is true and don’t know where the house is but if this is true it could very quickly turn in to one of the best weekends so far this year.

So again sorry for no review(not like anyone reads these, I don’t blame you) hope to have one next week and depending on how this weekend goes I hope to have a recent finds blog as well, Have a good one.


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